My Little Supernatural Part III

Changeling - Dick Roman
Fleetfoot - Samandriel
Cadence - Naomi
Daring Do - Gadreel
Trixie - Ruby
Vinyl - Meg
Sunset Shimmer - Azazel 
Diamond Tiara - Lilith
Celestia - Metatron


Victor Frankenstein with his creations Caliban and Proteus from Penny Dreadful 


The sequel to the MLP Supernatural character crossover

Luna - Charlie
Big Mac - Adam
Octavia - Kevin
Derpy - Garth
Doctor Whooves - Chuck
Lightning Dust - Jo
Spitfire - Ellen
Zecora - Pamela (the psychic)
Lyra - Bela
Braeburn - Ash


Young and old Peter and Mina from Penny Dreadful



Ygritte, Jon Snow, Samwell Tarly, Gilly

Source: qemma

Margaery and Loras Tyrell and Renly Baratheon (his rainbow is in reference to his Rainbow Guard)

  • Question: How about Jon and Ygritte for the Game of Thrones ponies? - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    Already did it last year :) 

    Most of the game of thrones ponies I posted last year in about July. I might reblog them now that I have more followers

  • Question: Hi, I've just come across this blog and I absolutely love all your ponies!! Are you planning on drawing anymore Game of Thrones ponies? - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    Thank you so much!

    There is a Margaery, Renly and Loras coming up and I’m thinking of doing just a Tommen one. Can you think of any more well known characters from GoT I should do?


More ‘Pony Dreadful’. The Seance. 

Photo Set

Harry Potter characters